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This is a collection of frequently asked questions about the learning platform of e-VEP.
For Student
有關登入e-VEP / About e-VEP login...
有關學習支援 / About learning support...
有關e-VEP電子學習 / About e-Learning in e-VEP...
有關裝置需求 / About hardware/software settings...
有關登入e-VEP / About e-VEP login...
Why can't I log in?
Check carefully if you have entered the correct username and password.  It is likely that you entered either a wrong username or password to log in.  Both the username and password are case-sensitive.  You should have been given a set of account username and password from the induction session/package.  In case you have not, please contact the VLPO for help.
What happens if I forget my password?
If you forget your password or your password is not working, please contact the VLPO to reset your password.  You may call VLPO or email the following information to us:
  • Your full name
  • First 4-digits of your HKID number or Passport number
  • Your contact number
The VLPO will send the new password to the e-mail address you have registered.
有關學習支援 / About learning support...
How can I seek help when I'm online?
Many ways are available.  Please see below for any one of the communication channels:
  Academic Enquiries Technical Support
  • Send a message to your e-Tutor
  • Post a comment on the specific task page you have difficulty with
  • Ask your e-Tutor in e-Tutorials
  • Call our hotline: 2595-8119
  • Come in person:
    Room 437, 4/F, Academic Block, IVE(Chai Wan), 30 Shing Tai Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong.
Service Time:
  • Monday - Friday 9:00a.m. - 12:30p.m. and 2:00p.m. - 6:00p.m.
  • Saturday 9:00a.m. - 12:00n.n.
  • (Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays)
有關e-VEP電子學習 / About e-Learning in e-VEP...
How do I get back to the homepage?
Click "Home" in the Navigation block when you are in the middle of a unit.
How do I jump between the units?
You can use "My Courses" to jump between the units in the Navigation block.
How do I know who is online at the moment?
In the e-VEP homepage, click My Home in the Navigation block.  You will see a list of online users in the Online Users block to the right of the page.
How can I communicate with my tutor or fellow students?
Many ways are available.  Some examples include: Forums are great for brainstorming, reflections and extended conversations over time (please refer to Participating in a Forum), Messages for private channels (please refer to Sending And/Or Checking Messages), Comments for asking questions and quick notices on a specific page and Blogs for giving individual reflections (please refer to Adding a New Blog Entry).  You can also interact with your tutor synchronously using e-Tutorials, Live Broadcasts or instant messaging in Google+ Hangout.
Can I track and search what people do and post in e-VEP?
NO, unless you are a teacher and it is your course.  Admin User can do that for the entire site.
How long is the session timeout?
It depends on your browser settings.  If your log-on status has been idle for a long time (without loading pages), you are automatically logged out (the session is ended).  However, a popup window will be prompted for your username and password after time out.  You can choose to continue or not.
有關裝置需求 / About hardware/software settings...
What software/Which browser is required to use e-VEP or Moodle?
Our e-Learning system works well in any HTML5 compatible browsers.  However, we recommend that you use Firefox 35+ or Chrome 40+.  If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please make sure you are using one of our approved browsers before reporting the problem.
The following software may also be required depending on the courses you are having:
Name Description
Adobe Flash Player To view Flash content on websites
Adobe Acrobat Reader To view PDF files
What is the bandwidth requirement?
Our e-Learning system consists of many text content and some images.  There is not much difference from reading news or surfing on the Web.  The bandwidth depends on your experience in browsing normal webpages.

128 kbps download speed would be good to view the recorded videos.  However, we suggest to have at least 1 Mbps (upload) / 3 Mbps (download) actual speed for group video chating.

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